BDC 101: Why you need to text

Text messaging has become a preferred method of communication for many people, including in the world of sales. There are several reasons why text messaging is often preferred over phone calls and emails for sales. One reason is that text messaging allows for quick and easy communication. With phone calls, there is often a delay as the recipient answers the call and conversation takes place. With email, there can be a delay in the recipient checking their inbox and responding. Text messaging allows for a quick back and forth exchange of information without the delays associated with other forms of communication. Another reason why text messaging is preferred for sales is that it allows for a more personal touch. Text messages feel more personal than emails, which can be formal and impersonal. Text messages allow salespeople to build a relationship with potential customers and create a sense of trust and rapport. Text messaging is also a great tool for following up with potential customers. It allows salespeople to stay in touch with their leads and provide updates or answer any questions they may have. This helps keep the sales process moving forward and increases the chances of making a sale. Finally, text messaging is a convenient way for salespeople to communicate with their leads and customers. Many people carry their phones with them at all times, so it's easy for them to receive and respond to text messages. This means that salespeople can reach out to potential customers no matter where they are, making it a convenient and effective way to communicate. Overall, text messaging is a powerful tool for salespeople. It allows for quick and easy communication, a more personal touch, and convenient follow-up with potential customers. If you're in sales and want to increase your chances of making a sale, consider using text messaging as a primary method of communication.

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